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Hon'ble Shri Gulabraoji R. Gawande

Ex-Minister (Maharastra State)


Mr. Sangrambhaiyya G. Gawande

Director(Shri Gurudatta Shikshan Prasarak Sansthan)


Principal Message

  •  Pharmacy field is the foundation on which entire pharmaceutical industry, technology, research and clinical pharmacy is built. The basic purpose of pharmacy education is to develop technical human resource, novel approach and vision with respect to teaching, research and development and training future health care professional in the field of drugs and pharmaceuticals.
  •  Pharmacy graduates have better job opportunities in Pharma- ceuticals industries, in manufacturing, quality control, regulatory areas, marketing and academics. 
  •  To become one of the best educational institution in the country by attaining excellence in pharmacy education. 
  •  To integrate with the Indian education service group by propagating value based education and preparing pupils for initiation into higher life by associating them with the natural and social environment.

        Welcome to the GSPS Institute of Pharmacy

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Dr. N. S. Bhajipale

Principal - SGSPSIOP

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